France is the top choice of vacations for most people planning to spend their vacations overseas. It is a dreamy country where everyone with some sense of art, appreciation for great wines and music and love for architecture would definitely want to go.

The ravishing vineyards and the inexpensive and delicious cheese is one of the major attractions the country holds, apart from the other perks of course. The air of France is filled with love with the most welcoming people you will ever meet. However you will take a little time to get accustomed to their food and phrases as simple as thankyous before you actually start to feel at home.

The entire France is filled with tourist destination with the attraction ranging from fascinating delis to spectacular cafés, the enthralling and captivating museums and the beautiful poetry. From street artists to great music plays and traditional dance steps, you are going to love exploring the great cities of France in all its glory.

Of course you would need a ride of your own to be able to travel to the farthest destination possible while you are at it. Car dealers and rent a car services comes are of great help in a foreign country to begin with your traveling experience.

Hiring a Car in France

There is a standard rule for hiring a car. ‘If it is the peak of the season, then book your car before arriving in the country. If it’s off season, than do as it pleases you’. Most of the tourists are heading straight for the Paris when travelling to France.

In France there is an option of renting a car from and at the airport after necessary paper work. In case you are not planning to visit adjoining countries then it is best that you hire the car service from the airport. In other case you can always book your car online to save yourself from any hassle.

Your driving license, Passport or any other identification can be asked to provide by car dealers in order for them to be able to rent a car to you. However it is not mandatory with ever car dealer in France.

Prices of Car Hiring

It is advised to read the papers carefully before you sign up for car hiring services from any car dealer. If you are booking online, chances are that you will get a version of contract in your preferred language for you to understand and comprehend all the terms and conditions.

Whereas if you are to hire a car in France from the airport you must ask your dealer to clearly tell you about all the charges that you will be paying. Also insist on knowing how much you are being charged for any particular service.

Your dealer might not tell you but there might be few hidden charges that will be revealed later on. The price ranges from €235 to €485 a week. It depends upon the extra services you have signed up for.

Fuel Policy in France

Fuel Policy by the Car Dealers

The car dealers have varying fuel policy when it comes to hiring a car. It is best that you talk to your dealer about the fuel policy they have before signing the contract or making a payment in advance. Lucky for you the fuel prices are not very high in France it is comparatively cheaper, allowing you to save a few extra bucks during your trip.

Like other countries, car dealers in France also have the following policies:

  • Full/Empty Tank policy

In this policy, you just simply pay for the fuel according to the rates but the tricky part is that your dealer will not return you the rest for the money in case you return the car with fuel left in it. Before you return the car, take longer routes on your way to your dealer.

  • Full/Full Tank policy

Although it may appear that these dealers are trying to trick you, there are a few dealers who have fair policy. They fill the tank before handing over the car to you and in return wants exactly the same. His way you don’t have to buy the fuel from the dealer.

Popular Destination in France

Even if you are without a guide there is some home work that you should do before hand. This includes short listing the top priority destinations to visit and then the rest. If you have a ride of your own then it is going to be really easy for you to discover more of France, Paris then just great tourist spots. However, the must go to destination in Paris on your list should be:

  • Chartres Cathedral

  • Louvre Museum

  • Palais des Papes

  • Palace of Versailles

  • Notre-Dame de la Garde

  • Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile

  • Promenade de la Croisette

  • Gallo-Roman Museum

  • Chartres Cathedral

  • Disneyland Paris

Road Rules in France

Though France have faced high accident rate in the past, the French’s have been very cautious about the improvement in making the roads safer for everyone. By implementing one a many traffic laws and cautious reminders thee has been notable change in the situation lately.

There are a few laws and safety measures that you must keep in mind in order to have a hassle free experience in the streets of Paris.

  • Always carry an international driving license other than the one you carry regionally.

  • Never take a turn towards the right in any case if the signal is red. Few Cross roads may allow you to turn when the light is Yellow or flashing on Green. Since you might not know which ones allows you to turn, it is best to wait for the green light to avoid any charges.

  • Unlike other countries France have the street lights installed in the right instead of overhanging.

  • A tracking device for speed radars is prohibited and can result in penalty.

  • It is a must for you to carry a breathalyzer in your with you.

  • Wearing seatbelts is a must. Children who are under 10 years of age aren’t allowed to sit in the front seat.

  • No mobile phones or calls allowed while travelling not even the hands-free.

  • Your car must show the registration tickets of you are driving an offshore registered car.

  • You cannot buzz the horn until or unless there is a very dire need of it, may be a possible accident.

Penalties & Fines

You will have to pay the penalties if you were find speeding or any other law as long as you have the car it is your responsibility the car dealing company will not be liable for it. Some of the dealers might even ask you to for a safety deposit, just in case.

The fines vary depending upon the nature of the violation of the law. For instance:

  • For drunk driving its €1,500 and no suspension of license, it may lead to suspension of license however, it depends upon the rating of the breathalyzer.

  • While driving, not wearing a seat belt can cost you €135.

  • Not parking carefully/Wrong parking €135 to confiscation of license for 3 years.

Speed Limit

French Speed limits:

  • Town/Metropolis/City: 50 km/h

  • All leading roads:  90 km/h

  • Double Arterial Roads: 110 km/h

  • Highways/Expressways/Underpass: 130 km/h

  • Bad Weather Situations: 110 km/h on Double Arterial Roads and on Expressways and 90 km/h